Coffee House Coffee cart for sale

[product name]:Coffee House Coffee cart for sale

[product size]:2.4×0.8meter

[product price] :2400USD

[product brand]: UKS

More Design of this cart

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[color selection]: all color is customize all color is available.

[lighting choice]: LED, Reyes ordinary lamp, bracket lamp, halogen lamp, cold light lamp, warm light.

[material selection]: 304 high quality stainless steel, medium fiber board, tempered glass, 304 stainless steel, LED jewelry, etc., environmental protection paint.

[description]: This food cart is designed to to use in a multi function way . To seize the beautiful, elegant, and simple characteristics of the design, and produce a elegant, stylish, unique cart ,and this carts is Suitable for all kinds of shopping mall.

[process]: The frame of the carts is build form 304 stainless steel ,and high quality plywood , The wood and metal joined together perfectly , the surface of the cart is made of Chinese Man made stone and corian , some of them are made of solid wood , all the water system and electricity is install inside the carts , all the cashier drawer and computer access is build inside the carts. some of the carts is fixed on strong wheels, the roof is made of water proof materials.

[product description]:

Covering: fine high green paint, smooth, uniform color, good gloss, matte light optional.

Internal structure: a combination of hardware accessories at the perfect joiner,

Skirting: stainless steel, protect the kickplate, prolong the service life, improve the appearance of the.


1 all our products are generally not in stock, order time is generally 7-15 days. Stainless steel display customized time in 20 days.

2 this is  3D renderings, because the production process and computer display different, there may be slight color difference.

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